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Family law is a practice area that covers some of the most difficult issues facing couples and families. When you are dealing with any type of issue in this practice area, you need an experienced Atlanta Family Law Attorney (Abogado de Familia) working as your advocate.

About Family Law Issues in Atlanta

Family law cases encompass a number of issues, including:

  • Divorce – When two people no longer want to be married, divorce is the legal process that allows them to end their marriage under Georgia law. This process typically involves dividing property and debt, establishing custody and support arrangements for any children and considering the issue of alimony.
  • Child support – When one parent has primary custody of a child, the other parent must typically pay child support on a regular basis. The amount of support depends on the specific visitation schedule, the income of the parents and other factors.
  • Child custody – Child custody arrangements determine where a child lives, as well as when the child sees each of his or her parents. These arrangements are recommended any time a child’s parents don’t reside in the same home.
  • Legitimation – If the child’s father wasn’t married to the child’s mother at the time of the child’s birth, legitimation is the only way the father can establish legal rights.
  • Modifications – In some cases, child support, alimony or child custody orders can be modified when situations change. However, all modifications must be approved by the court.

Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Atlanta

If you are dealing with any type of family law issue, you need to consult an attorney who understands family law in Georgia. The Salazar Law Firm, P.C. represents multitudes of families in many family-related legal matters.  We empower our clients through the enforcement of their constitutional rights with regards to their children and families.  We also help families and individuals understand and navigate complex legal family issues so that the best interest of children and families are upheld, all while in a comforting and non-judgmental environment.

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If you are involved in a family law case in Atlanta, an attorney from The Salazar Law Firm, P.C. can help. Please contact our office today to make an appointment with an Atlanta Family Law Attorney (Abogado de Derechos de Familia en Atlanta) or learn more.

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